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These Standards are no longer actively maintained as they have been superseded by the Best Practice Modeling Guidelines introduced by Modano on 1st July 2019. Go to the Modano website to learn more about creating and implementing your own best practice modeling guidelines in your organization.

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Introducing the SSRB

The Spreadsheet Standards Review Board (‘SSRB’) was established in 2003 to provide a medium through which a generally-applicable, comprehensive set of Best Practice Spreadsheet Modeling Standards (‘Standards’) could be publicly maintained.

Since the first set of Standards were released, the SSRB has overseen seven major upgrades, with the current version of the Standards being Version 7.2.

The SSRB is currently administered on a pro bono basis by BPM and Modano. The current chairman of the SSRB is Michael Hutchens.


The SSRB is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development and maintenance of the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modeling Standards;
  • Facilitating and managing public participation in the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modeling Standards;
  • Evaluating proposals to add, delete or modify Standards or Conventions; and
  • Promoting the general acceptance and application of the Standards throughout the spreadsheet modeling community.

The SSRB meets periodically to evaluate and consider proposals to add, delete or modify the Standards that are submitted to the SSRB by any party.


The SSRB is a voluntary, non-commercial body which invites participation from anyone in the spreadsheet modeling community. Please contact the SSRB if you would like to get involved, or complete a submission to request the addition, modification or removal of a Standard or Convention.

Implementation Support


Contact Modano to discuss implementing best practice within your organization. Modano has provided best practice implementation, training and support services to businesses, advisors and governments since 2002, as well as best practice modeling software for Microsoft Excel. The Modano website also provides a range of other resources to more efficiently understand and implement best practice:

Stay Updated

Updates and amendments to the Standards are announced via the Modano Newsletter, which is also used to provide spreadsheet modellers with best practice commentary and examples, as well as information about tools which can be used to assist in the implementation of the Standards.

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