The following example best practice models have been provided by BPM to demonstrate the implementation of the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modeling Standards. Whilst most of the models are financial models (i.e. spreadsheets which project financial statements), the implemented spreadsheet best practices remain equally applicable to other types of spreadsheet models which contain assumptions and outputs.

Comments have been included within the relevant sheets of each model which indicate the implementation of particular standards and conventions. Each of the example models can be downloaded by right clicking on the right-hand logo corresponding to your version of Microsoft Excel©. Alternatively, all of the below models can be downloaded in a single zipped folder by right clicking on the following hyperlink:

    Best Practice Model Examples.

To better understand how these example models were created, undertake the practical learning exercises provided on the Modano website or watch the Modano video tutorials.

Spreadsheet Modeling Area Description  Download 
General/Overview Includes a worksheet entitled 'Standards Illustration Sheet' which provides commentary and hyperlink direction to areas within the workbook in which each of the Standards have been implemented. Best Practice Model Example 6.1.xlsx  |  Best Practice Model Example 6.1.xls
1. General Concepts Fundamental concepts including workbook, sheet and cell purpose and content. BPM-SMA 1-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 1-Best Practice Model Example.xls
2. Workbook Structure Workbook structure, sections, table of contents and navigation. BPM-SMA 2-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 2-Best Practice Model Example.xls
3. Sheet Structure Sheet types, structure, consistency, titles and content. BPM-SMA 3-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 3-Best Practice Model Example.xls
4. Formats & Styles Format and style purpose, consistency, identification, explanation and appearance. BPM-SMA 4-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 4-Best Practice Model Example.xls
5. Assumption Entry Interfaces Assumption entry interface structure, rules, consistency, location and formats. BPM-SMA 5-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 5-Best Practice Model Example.xls
6. Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity analysis structure, location, rules and identification.
      - Example Model 1 - Single-output sensitivity analysis. BPM-SMA 6-Best Practice Model Example 1.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 6-Best Practice Model Example 1.xls
      - Example Model 2 - Dual-output sensitivity analysis. BPM-SMA 6-Best Practice Model Example 2.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 6-Best Practice Model Example 2.xls
7. Outputs & Presentations Output links, rules, separation and sections. BPM-SMA 7-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 7-Best Practice Model Example.xls
8. Calculation Formulae Calculation formulae consistency, rules, diagrams and complexities. BPM-SMA 8-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 8-Best Practice Model Example.xls
9. Naming Principles Workbook, sheet and range naming consistency, identification, rules and application. BPM-SMA 9-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 9-Best Practice Model Example.xls
10. Time Series Analysis Time series analysis, assumptions, consistency, structure, periodicity, rules and output.
      - Example Model 1 - Projections-only time series analysis. BPM-SMA 10-Best Practice Model Example 1.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 10-Best Practice Model Example 1.xls
      - Example Model 2 - Historical & forecast time series analysis. BPM-SMA 10-Best Practice Model Example 2.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 10-Best Practice Model Example 2.xls
11. Checks Error checks, Sensitivity checks and Alert checks structure, rules, location, formats and identification. BPM-SMA 11-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 11-Best Practice Model Example.xls
12. Printing & Viewing Printing and viewing consistency, rules, margins, page numbers and information. BPM-SMA 12-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 12-Best Practice Model Example.xls
13. Multiple Workbooks Multiple workbook links, structure, location, rules and diagrams.
      - Example Model 1 - Model export example (download with model import example below). BPM-SMA 13-Best Practice Model Example 1.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 13-Best Practice Model Example 1.xls
      - Example Model 2 - Model import example (download with model export example above). BPM-SMA 13-Best Practice Model Example 2.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 13-Best Practice Model Example 2.xls
14. Security & Protection Workbook, sheet and cell protection and control. BPM-SMA 14-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 14-Best Practice Model Example.xls
15. Visual Basic Programming The use of Visual Basic programming in spreadsheet models. BPM-SMA 15-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 15-Best Practice Model Example.xls
16. Miscellaneous Various other areas. BPM-SMA 16-Best Practice Model Example.xlsx  |  BPM-SMA 16-Best Practice Model Example.xls